Be Big! is a dazzling children’s book series that will inspire families to discuss how children can overcome their fears and still take up space, with a sense of community all around them.

Be Big! Beatrice’s First Day of First Grade tells the tale of sweet Beatrice, a little girl in a blue tutu who is afraid of being her unique self in the brand-new world of first grade. Set against a gorgeously-illustrated backdrop, this story encourages little ones to face their fears and be brave, be bold, and be big. You can follow Beatrice as she embarks on her first day of first grade alongside Benjamin the butterfly, who encourages Beatrice to be big while reminding her that she is not alone.


Be Big! 2: Beatrice Befriends a Bully is the next adventure in the series, where Beatrice faces a bully who makes fun of her for wearing her tutu to basketball practice. But this isn’t any ordinary story about bullying. With the help of her old friend Benjamin, Beatrice looks beyond the bully’s hurtful words and sees the person underneath—another child who doesn’t know how to cope with her own hurt feelings. This story is a reminder that all children, even those who make mistakes, deserve our compassion, tolerance, and love.