One day, Katie had an idea for a children’s book. She was sitting in front of her mirror, getting ready to face the day. Staring at her reflection, she started to question what she seeing. Her next thought was, would I want my wonderful nieces, five year-olds Ava and Lyla, to question themselves in this way? Of course not. I’d want them to celebrate their uniqueness. I’d want them to be big!

And that’s how the Be Big! Children’s book series began, with the hope that little ones like her nieces would face their fears and take up their own unique space in the world, whoever they are. After writing the first story, Katie discovered a home for Be Big! at Storybook Genius Publishing.

In addition to being a writer, Katie is an attorney and loves sour gummy candy.

How did I do this?

If you’re interested in how Katie made this book come to life, reach out to her and she’d love to talk to you.  Katie worked with Storybook Genius Publishing and will continue working with them on future books, along with their book design service, Yip Jar.