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katie kizer the be big book author

Meet Beatrice

Hi, I’m Beatrice! It’s wonderful to meet you. Thank you for coming to visit me and my friend, Benjamin the butterfly. Sometimes I get a little nervous about trying new things, like starting First Grade, but Benjamin helps me face my fears and be big! I like to find different ways to be big, even though I’m such a little girl in a great big city. I know that beginning First Grade will be the first of many adventures for Benjamin and I, and I look forward to seeing what the future holds! Let’s be friends and be big together!


Meet Benjamin

Well, hello there! I’m Benjamin! I’m a butterfly, and I have a group of friends who I play with, including a badger, a bunny, three bumblebees, a bluebird, and a ladybug! One day, I met Beatrice when I accidentally got lost in her garden. I flew into her open window and we became pals. She was a little nervous about starting First Grade, so I tagged along! We did art, played leapfrog, and learned a lot! I know Beatrice and I will stay friends forever.

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