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Be Big!

“What if I get lost?”

“What if my teacher isn’t nice!”

“What if something goes wrong?”

-Beatrice, Be Big!

In my upcoming book, Be Big!, a young Beatrice is worried about all the things that could go wrong as she begins her first day of First Grade.

A recent article in Huffington Post said that an astonishing 47% of the time, we’re thinking about something other than what we’re actually doing!

Children are no exception when it comes to worrying. Want to help soothe your child’s anxiety? Try this exercise!


  1. Take a paper napkin (or small piece of paper) and draw a box with 6 squares.
  2. Have your child draw an image of all 5 senses in the boxes and leave 1 square blank.
  3. Today, if your child’s mind goes to “what if…”, ask them to go through each sense and write down what he or she is experiencing with each one (“cold water, ball bouncing, etc.”). In the last square, ask your child to write or draw what he or she is feeling!



Katie Kizer
Author of Be BIG!

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